Crunch Time

Well it is officially crunch time.  I’ve always been one to cram for tests, and going to China is no different.


This is what my apartment looks like right now.  I’m moving out in twelve days and I think the apartment is going to get worse before it gets better.  I commandeered a stack of boxes from Walmart the other day and I’ve been trying to get all of them packed so I know how many more I need.  Also I’m working up until August 16th so I’ve still got a week and a half of work to go. 

One of the biggest things I’ve been procrastinating on is deciding what to take to China and what to leave in storage.  I don’t know how I’m going to fit all of my earthly possessions for a year in a couple of suitcases.  For now I’m filling tubs with everything I think I might like to take and I’ll purge the list down from there.

Another thing that I’ve been trying to work on is getting my prescriptions filled.  My doctor told me that he can’t ethically give me a 12 month refill on my medications without coming in for periodic checkups and with me being out of the country that will be impossible.  He did make it clear though that it will be imperative for me to seek a continuation of care in China which means that for me the first order of business when I get to China is to find a doctor.  In the meantime I should be able to fill a three month supply to get me started… hopefully.


I’ve started working on a bucket list of things to see and do before I leave for China.  So far it consists mostly of American food places and sights around town.


My birthday was last Wednesday and my coworkers at Recovercare got me a Cookie-cake (my favorite),  and my friend Benjamin took me to Buffalo Wild Wings because I don’t think I’ll be seeing buffalo chicken wings anytime soon. 




Falls of the Ohio State Park

Also over the weekend I went fossil hunting at the Falls of the Ohio with Chris.  I brought back a shell fossil and a fantastic piece of driftwood that’s going up on the mantle if I ever have a fireplace.


 The supposedly 390-million-year-old fossil beds are among the largest, naturally exposed, Devonian fossil beds in the world. The “Falls” was originally a series of rapids allowing the Ohio River to drop 26 feet over a distance of two and a half miles. This was the only navigational hazard over the 981 mile-length river formed by rock outcrops over 220 acres of fossil beds. Today much of the original falls have been flooded behind the McAlpine dam.


While fossil and rock collecting is not allowed to protect our resources for future generations, the park staff encourages visitors to explore and discover the many different types of fossils that can be found on the ancient sea floor. Their website  provides details about the park’s natural and cultural resources – archaeology, birding, flora, fossils, George Rogers Clark and Lewis and Clark are featured.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. nytemirage says:

    I don’t know if i could eat the food in China. They do mostly seafood, right? I love chicken too much and I do NOT like seafood. I’d starve! LOL… or live on rice! HAHA!


    Did you find the DVD and book from the library?

    Juanita Puckett

    1. I’ve got the book “power of a praying wife”. Let me know what the video was, I think I returned that already.

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