So long, Louisville

This is my last weekend in Louisville.  My car is packed so tight I could hardly fit another toothpick in it.  The other day I got a chance to take some farewell pictures of the Louisville skyline, which is pretty awesome at night.


Friday at work my team brought in some delicious snacks which I proceeded to munch on all day long.  The hardest thing so far had been all the goodbyes this weekend but I’m  trying to keep things in perspective.  I will miss Louisville but it is the people not the place that I will miss the most. I keep thinking about what Ms. Linnie told me:

“Don’t think about all the friends you are leaving behind, think about all the friends you haven’t met yet.”

I don’t think it has really hit me yet that is the beginning of a grand adventure.


I had plenty of help moving Saturday thanks to Mark, Willie, Ben, Jennifer, Kevin and Bryce.  It’s crazy to me that I was able to fit my whole world into three suitcases, a laptop bag and a U-haul van.  That being said the process was fairly uneventful and loading, drive time and unloading the truck only took about four hours total.


After loading everything in the U-haul four cars caravaned across town to Eric and April’s house where I will be storing my things for the next year.  I am so blessed to have such a great group of friends who I can always count on when I need help.  I have been dreading moving day and stressing over getting everything out of my apartment but like so many things it turned out fine.  They say “many hands make light work”, but you will have to ask the guys that lifted a 200+ lb TV,  sectional couch, and a literal box of rocks if that is true or not.


Sunday was my going away party at Cedar Springs.  Everything was decorated in true China-fashion from the place mats and chopsticks to wall décor, table flair and even Chinese lanterns hung from the ceiling.  Everyone pitched in to get me a care-package with a taste of home: Ranch dressing, reeses cups, fuzzy socks, eye mask and travel pillow, cards and notes and enough cash to cover the extra baggage fee at the airport when my luggage is overweight (so totally worth it though).

My next stop is Maryland to say my goodbyes to Mom and Dad, and this time next Sunday I will be on a plane to Wuhan.



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