Here’s a recap of the weekend.


Game night Saturday went great.  The kids ate all my cookies and it was so funny because they commented “We buy these at the store, I didn’t know you could make them” with this incredulous tone.  It made me laugh.  They have never made cookies before.  The kids loved Charades, but some of the clues they couldn’t figure out the English word for.  Some of the words that they didn’t know included giraffe, fork and fang.  I had a lot of fun. 

Yesterday in class they gave me a thank you card.



I met with several of my friends for some good study time at Edwin & Mary’s and afterward we went out to Lunch at a nice restaurant.  I have no idea what we ordered but it was really good.  There were stir-fry green beans and little sandwich things with chicken and pepper stuffing, and sweet-and-sour chicken (my favorite dish).


Sunday night I got groceries and frozen chicken breasts at the vegetable market.  The food was not quite as fresh as last time, then again I went in the afternoon and it was a bit picked over.  Luckily I had my reusable grocery bag with me otherwise I would have had a hard time carrying everything home.  I bought a pair of knock-off Converse shoes for 45 yeun (that’s about $7.50).



Monday night is hotpot night with the other foreign teachers on campus.  This is something they do every week and invited me to tag along.  It was literally a hole in the wall place, we walked into what looked like a dead-end alley then through a small door, past the kitchen where they were cooking and into a large dinning room with small stools to sit on.  It was definitely an experience.

I have made a definitive judgement that I will only eat Chicken.  My chopstick skills have not improved very much and Megan finally took my bowl and started putting stuff in it for me.  It wasn’t just that I couldn’t grab the food, but I also didn’t know what most of it was.  There was boiled lettuce, locus roots, bamboo, boiled bread and rice wafers.  There was also some kind of weird sausage stuff that I had to discretely spit into my napkin when no one was looking.  Processed meat is kinda gross in the U.S.  Take that and multiply by 10, and you will have processed meat in China. 


Until next time, I send my love.  Hope everyone back home is doing well.


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  1. Juanita Puckett says:

    We are all doing fine and enjoy your letters so much. Glad everything is going so well. Sounds like you will lose weight with your available food selections. I would anyway. The Africa bunch will be leaving Wednesday 9/11 so they are getting nervous trying to get
    ready. Biggest challenge will be to keep from getting dysentery. Hope you are doing ok
    with that. Food is probably the main thing for care packages. Let me know in the next several weeks any special requests you might have.
    Your party night sounded fun I know they enjoyed it. Need a game in your box? Scrabble
    or catch phrase or something? Sounds like you are doing a great job. Good buy on your
    tennis shoes guess you are paid in local currency. Did you have to set up an account at
    a bank? How do you get paid? cash? Well keep up the great work you are always in our

  2. George Puckett says:

    Hi Chrissi. Thanks for the nice update. Two weeks down and about 42 to go. It seems like you have been gone a whole lot longer than 14 days. From what I read, you are doing really, really well. I feel kind of like a proud father or at least a proud brother. I loved Cindy’s comments on your last post. I guess PaPa is smiling at you these days.
    Glad to see you got a pair of tennis shoes. We had a little send off ice cream event Sunday evening for those going to Africa. Nothing like the big bash we had for your trip though. Tomorrow night the President will have a speech regarding Syria and the use of chemical gas. Are you getting any news about all the uproar? Two more days of very hot and humid weather and then a nice cool down. I’m still working at GE two days a week and hit big number 75 this Saturday. Boy, time flies when you are having fun!. UL and UK both won their football games on Saturday and they play each other this coming Saturday. Should be pretty exciting with a win projected for UL. Love and hugs,

    1. George –
      So good to hear from you. I’m excited for those going to Africa. I’m sure that will be a really good experience. Going to another country really changes your world view, don’t you think? It’s been hot then rainy then hot again here which makes the humidity horrible. I can’t believe it is football season already.
      Things are going really well. I have a great family here and lots of friends. Yesterday was Teachers Day and one of my friends gave me Moon Cakes a tradition for Mid-Autumn festival (Sept 19). It’s like the Thanksgiving of China, or so my students tell me. I do have bouts of homesickness, especially before I go to bed at night… I can’t call anyone because it’s like 9-10 am and everyone is at work. I did go over to Sabine’s apartment last night though, and invited myself over for dinner. I cooked some chicken I had in my fridge, (not the gross kind from Walmart here), and she made rice. It’s really nice to have others in my building that I can hang out with. In some ways it’s easier than being in Louisville because I’m not so isolated from my friends.

  3. NIko says:

    Happy teacher´s day, Chrissi 😀

    Glad to see you have good time with your students, I think there need to be a process to get used to everything at there.
    Did you order Kung Pao Chicken ? your student are so cute, hehe.

    1. Thanks Niko. The students are very sweet. They are all very smart and pick up English very quickly. I will have to look for Kung Pao Chicken. What is the pinyin for it?

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