No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I’ve heard all my life that you are to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  This morning Mary and Edwin invited me and a couple other friends over for coffee and cinnamon rolls.  After breakfast the girls and I decided to go shopping in a district known as Crazy Street.

With Angela leading the way, Mary, Kayla and I took the 538 bus to Guanggu where the nearest Metro stop is so we could catch a subway to Hanko (across the river).  The Metro was every bit as crowded as the bus.  When the girls and I were getting on the subway, which involved a bit of pushing and prodding to get on in a timely manor, a Chinese girl in front of me was holding up the line.  As I watched, her shoe with a spiky high heel was wedged in the opening of the door frame to the train, with her foot still inside.  I reached down and pulled on her shoe really hard to get it free.  The rest of the time on the train, the girl talked to us using what little English she knew.  She told us thank you profusely.  At one point I saw her diamond ring on the middle finger of her left hand, and asked her if she was engaged.  She was, and showed me a picture of her baby.  When we got off at our stop, the girl got off with us even thought it was not her stop, and guided us to the shopping district where she insisted on buying me, Mary, Angela and Kayla a drink. 

Here’s a picture of my new friend and I with our bubble teas.


Today is National Day, the start of my October holiday which will last Oct 1st-7th.  Being that schools and government offices are shut down for the next few days, everyone in China is traveling.  I believe that all 10 million people living in Wuhan were out on the streets today.  Here’s the bus we rode on (On a side note,  I would like to point out that I’m getting a lot better at this taking the bus thing).


Lunch was at Pizza Hut which in China is a nice, sit down restaurant, and Kayla and I ordered a Pepperoni Pizza to share.  After lunch I became intrigued by a crippled man playing street music on his guitar, harmonica and keyboard.  Angela gave me a couple quay to put in the man’s basket and I listened to his music.  It was very festival-like.


I hope everyone has a safe and happy National Holiday.  Until next time, I send my love.



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  1. Nannette Dawson says:

    You are such a kind person! Thinking of you always! 🙂

    1. It’s funny sometimes that just doing something so normal could make an impact on her. She got off two stops early to make sure we found the food street we were going to and bought us drinks. it was really cool.

  2. Bettye Redding says:

    You are a good example to all who know you. Good work you are doing.

    1. Bettye –

      There is a lot of good work being done. Please PR for me and my American and Chinese friends here. I am trying to start a Book Group with some of my students to practice their English listening, speaking and reading skills. We are going to begin after the holiday. I will let you know how it goes when we get up and going.

      Also I am wanting to start a Ladies Study Group on Friday mornings, but I’m still trying to get the interest going for the class. I have a book picked out called “Shadow of the Cr0ss” for some of the foriegn teachers here.

  3. Mary says:

    Thanks for sharing, Chrissi, We are all enjoying your adventures.

    1. Thanks Mary –

      Hope everything is going well with you all. Is Jeremy still painting? I saw he had an art show a while back. That’s so exciting.

  4. NIko says:

    Happy National Day Holiday, Chrissi,

    During the National Day holiday many many Chinese people will go out, like shopping, playing with friend, it is happy time for many of us, and others who are working far from home, like me, may will use the holiday to go back home and meet with families, or they will do some traveling. so it will be a little crowded very where, but it gives us more festival feelings.

    I wish you have a great time with you and your friends and have a safe and happy National Holiday too, 😀

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