Who is My Neighbor

In the book of Luke, the Good Teacher tells a story with a message about a man who was attacked by robbers and left for dead.  Two righteous men by the standards of the day passed by the man, on the other side of the road, ignoring his circumstances.  It was not until a man considered to be an outcast in the culture of that time came through that he had pity on the man.  He helped the injured man, bandaging his wounds, and took him to an Inn where he would be cared for. 

I wonder how many of us today would do the same.  When I walk outside from my apartment, these are my neighbors.  They live literally across the street from me, and do not have running water.  I only know this because I saw an older man outside using the fire hydrant to brush his teeth one day.  This morning there was a woman washing clothes by the fire hydrant in a 5 gallon bucket and hanging them on the line to dry.

There is a little old man who goes through my trash bin every morning looking for glass, plastic and metal cans that he can turn in for cash at a recycling location.  When I went to the grocery store today, an old woman held out a pot for me to put money in and followed me for a few feet, tugging on my arm to give her money.  I smiled and kept walking, shaking my head no. 

I wonder now if I should have stopped to help the old woman.  I mean after all could I help every beggar I meet?  Then again, maybe I could, or maybe I could just help some.  I can’t help wondering WWJD

Here are a couple pictures of my neighbor’s house.






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