All in a Day’s Work

Well I must say that I am feeling a whole lot better about living in China.  I have been in a mood the past couple days, but I’m finally getting back into the grove of everything.  I feel like my vocabulary of Chinese words is getting better, as in it has expanded to about twenty (which seems pretty amazing to me by the way).  I can order my favorite drink, give the taxi driver directions home, and I know where to get coffee.  I should pretty well be set for a while.

Things are going well.  I am getting into a routine and it’s great.  My students are awesome and my family here is the best.  I do have a couple bits of news for you but nothing too spectacular. 

I’ve decided to start volunteering at Mr. Mai’s every Friday night (whenever possible).  After last week I decided it was pointless, I mean after all what difference was I making in the world by teaching a couple Chinese strangers to play Uno.  Today though on the bus, Jim and Tammy met a man who said he had changed his world view through a person he met at the coffee shop several years ago, and I thought, “Wow, someone really made a difference in his life”.  Tonight I talked with several Chinese students at the coffee shop about a variety of different topics.  We discussed American culture and the traditions surrounding Halloween.  One gentleman asked me about the tower of Babel and Adam so we talked about that for a while.  It made me really feel like maybe, just maybe I am making a difference in the world.  I hope so anyway.


Tonight the Tammy, Kristen, Kaila and a couple Chinese friends of ours went shopping to the night market which was pretty fantastic.  (On a side note: Chinese people say the word fantastic a lot because they learn British English).  Anyway, I digress…

 The night market was really cool and I found some neat stuff including the most Super-Awesome Halloween costume ever (and no, I’m not going to tell you what it is, you will have to stay tuned for my Halloween post to see it.)  Also, there was a scarf place with 10 RMB scarves, which if you don’t know I have a scarf obsession… it’s a problem.


Sunday morning, Edwin and Mary took me out for breakfast to this noodle shop and we got Hot Dry Noodles and a Tea Egg.  They were spiced with breakfast spices like cinnamon and star of annis.  It was surprisingly good, but the first time in my life that I have ever had noodles for breakfast.


This is the bakery where I went for coffee as well.  They had latte’s and also served Cold Banana Cereal (whatever that is).  I also had the opportunity to go to coffee street with Josh so now I have real coffee to use in my French press at home and won’t have to make the instant stuff anymore.


There was an art auction at the mall which I was excited about because the artist were painting right there in the square. 


I also got my first China Haircut this week.  He managed to get my curly locks in to a reasonable less-frizzy curl with just a blow dryer and a round brush.  I have not been able to duplicate this feat since then on my own.


That’s about it until next time, I send my love to all of you all.


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  1. Stella says:

    Chrissie – we must remember that ours is merely to ‘plant the seed.’ It is God, Himself, who brings the increase. He will count your obedience unto faithfulness, just like He did Abraham. Well, done, good and faithful servant.

    1. Stella –

      Wow. That is powerful. I needed that. I’m a control freak so this is really hard for me, but I am trying to let go of my worries and trust HIM more. I’m learning that my faith is not a straight line, it has peaks and valleys, and sometimes I get discouraged when I don’t see instant results. I know that HE has a plan for my life though, and I just have to be patient. HIS time is not our time.

      Thanks for your kind words BTW, you are such an encourager.

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