To China, With Love.

How much Love can you fit in a Priority Mail box?  The answer is a lot.  I got my first mail today from the Cedar Springs Church of Christ.  The anticipation was more than I could bear, so I opened the box over my lunch break today. 


First I smiled at the stationary and some drink mixes and Ritz crackers, then I laughed when I saw a Bannana grams and a box of girly things (which are impossible to come by here), and finally I cried my eyes out when I found two “Feel Good” girly movies, and my very favorite snacks (Sweet Tarts and Combos) and read the card from the Ladies Class, signed by all of my best girl friends back home. 

I just want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart.  You all have absolutely no idea how much that package means to me.   


Also last weekend I got to see all my American friends.  Kensley and Kayla hosted a foreign teachers gathering and we got to have some great fellowship time talking about our china experiences thus far and playing baseball and kickball outside.  Their university also has a horse riding major so we got to go out and see the horses.  It was pretty great.



Yesterday Kristen and I went to the part of town that foreigners know as Taylor street.  It’s like the Hobby Lobby of Wuhan.  There are seamstresses that can design anything from a winter coat to a suit, a pair of jeans, or whatever.  On the way we stopped for some snacks and I found fried bananas.  Let me just tell you folks, it was amazing.  It’s literally a banana on a stick that is deep fried in batter with strawberry, melon and chocolate glazes on the top.

On a side note, I also bought two more scarves.  The girls are thinking we may have to have a scarf intervention soon.  I can’t help it people, they were only 10 quai.  That’s less than $2.00 American dollars each.  I’m wearing one in the picture below.



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  1. Vicky says:

    Yeah!! So glad it made your day and you felt the love!;). LOVE Bananagrams!;)

    1. Thanks Vicky! Please tell the ladies how much I love them and how much it meant to me. I miss you all so much sometimes. Hope everything is going well back home. One of my friends, Ron McFarland is coming to China in November so I will try to send a couple letters home with him when he goes back to the states. I think about you all a lot. Love you.
      – Chrissi

  2. Cassy says:

    That was very sweet of them to send you such a meaningful gift….I’d also like to add that for $2.00, I would have bought an outrageous number of scarves as well….in fact…I could use one now…It is SO chilly!

    1. Well I’ve already decided that scarves are going to be my “go-to” gift this year for friends back home. There are some super-cute ones that are so much fun. I hope everyone back home loves them as much as I do.

  3. pat waldridge says:

    I really miss you. I think and pray about you a lot. Just thought I would tell you that I am going to a Chinese doctor and taking acupuncture it is great and helping me a lot. I am proud of you keep up the good work. I love you Pat

    1. Ms. Pat,
      Thank you so much!!! I can defiantly use all the thoughts and prayers from home. Things are going pretty well here other than my power being out since Sunday morning. I hope everyone back home is doing okay. I miss you all.

  4. We keep you in our thoughts and daily prayers. Enjoy your visit and teaching experience and come tell us all about it! Love you, Tom & Barb

    1. That’s so sweet Tom. Thank you. I got the chance to talk to Bill Dawson the other night, which was great. I hope everyone back home is doing okay. I know Thanksgiving is coming up here in a few weeks so eat lots of turkey for me! I love you all and miss you.
      – Chrissi

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