What is a Blind Massage?

So Benjamin was back in town last week and staying with me.  A few friends including Jenny, Phred, Andrew were planning to go to this new place they found that had massages for 40quai (a pretty good deal for a one hour massage), so Benjamin and I tagged along.  We took the Metro clear across town to Hanko.  It was really weird because unlike a massage table in the U.S. these were all jammed together with just a small walking space in between.  An hour later I felt fantastic and ready to face my classes.

Oh yeah, I didn’t answer the original question – a Blind Massage like the name implies is run by blind people.  There were several (7-8) massage therapists or whatever and they were all blind people that had been taught the art of massage as a means of making a living, because there is no disability benefits in China.

I of course didn’t know this and thought that blind massage meant that you put your face into the hole in the table and couldn’t see anything.  When I explained my theory to Phred and Benjamin, they insisted that I write about it, and also laughed hysterically at me.

Here’s a picture of Phred and I.



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  1. Sandy says:

    I am learning so much through your travel. Keep it coming.

    1. Thanks Sandy! Great hearing from you.

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