I haven’t used these since Elementary School

I bought some flash cards in the baby aisle at Carrefore today.  They are for ages 3 and up… so that’s the level that I’m on.  Oh well, it’s a starting point, right?

I’m starting with the first 25 words which include how to count to ten and baby body parts complete with pictures of fingers, toes and nose.  I had one of my Chinese students tonight go through them with me and pronounce the words for me so I’m not learning incorrect pronunciation.  If I can learn a few new words every week, I should know quite a few by the end of the semester.



Stop to Sip the Coffee

Also today I went to my CC’s Coffee which has become my happy place.  It’s a fabulous place for me to get away from the apartment and get some work done on the computer.  I did lesson plans, finished my powerpoint for next week and started a personal study of some questions I’ve been struggling with in the Good Book.

I’ve been getting grouchy lately because I’m not taking any down time for myself.  I love being around friends and doing things with my students but sometimes I just need a few moments for myself to not have to put forth effort trying to be perfect.  So this afternoon I just sat and drank a cappuccino and it was super-fun.  

Also, apparently they are getting to know me there, which as the only foreigner that goes in there most of the time, I guess I’m hard to miss.  Anyhow, they asked me today if I wanted to be on the V.I.P. member list, so I signed up with my name and phone number, (which was the only name on the list that was not in Chinese characters by the way).




Happy Birthday!!!

This week has been the week for birthday’s.  Edwin turned 67 years old and I won’t say how old Kaila (a woman never reveals her age).   I’ve had a lot of fun helping them celebrate (and eat cake of course).  






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  1. mars says:

    I love the flower on the top of your cappuccino. Do they always make it so fancy? That’s such a neat idea and I’ll bet you could do it with your artistic ability and a little practice. Luv you! mom

    1. I know, right? The cappuccinos there are amazing. I actually had an experience the other day when I forgot I was in China. There was a guy that sat down in the restaurant next to me. He said “Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here” and I was like “yeah, sure. Go right ahead.”
      Then like five minutes later it dawned on me that I’m sitting in a Chinese coffee shop next to a guy who spoke perfect english, so I started a conversation with him. Come to find out, he was a teaching assistant for the Foriegn language department at his university.

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