The Father’s Providence

Ok ya’ll, this story almost gave me goosebumps, it’s just too cool not to tell you.

So Sunday  my friend Britney decided she was going to join our Sunday morning gathering, that meets at the foreign teacher apartments on my campus.  Britney has never been to my school before, so once she got out of the taxi at the front gate, she was completely lost.

Britney borrowed a cell phone from a random student on campus to ask me for directions.  Well as usual I was down at Edwin and Mary’s house enjoying a cup of morning coffee, and didn’t have my phone on me.  So all this time Britney is wandering around my campus, lost.

After about thirty minutes of asking directions and blindly searching for help she was about to give up and head back home, but decided to ask one more student for help.  She found Spring.  (You’ve all heard about Spring before, she’s the one that I went home with  to meet her family in Zhejiang Provence.)

So anyway, Britney asks if the girl knows where the foreign teacher apartments are, and Spring answers “Are you going to Chrissi’s house for the Sunday study”.  At this point Britney’s like,  “is this a trick question?”  How does she know Chrissi and how does she know there is a Sunday study today?

Spring goes on to explain that she is headed over to my house and leads Britney over as well.


Well all this happens unbeknownst to me, and they walk in the apartment at the same time, and I never thought another thing about it.  When she told the story later, I just had to laugh at God’s providence.  I mean first of all, there are 20,000 students on my campus, and Britney just happens to run into the one student that is headed over to my house for the study.  That doesn’t just happen folks, that’s God.

The really cool part though is that I can imagine Britney showing Spring her phone, that has the address my apartment on it, and what Spring might have thought, reading the directions that she had written in Chinese and sent me the previous night in a text message, so my friend could find me.  It’s just really cool to think about.

This is the very last time I will ever see Britney, she is leaving tomorrow for home, and will not be returning to China any time soon.  Then again, perhaps the Father will put us together again one day.  He just does that sometimes.





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