The Forbidden City

Well I told you there would be another blog post coming out, so here it is.

Day 2 – Beijing

We started off the day by going to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.    Here is the front gate of the Forbidden City, you can see the giant painting of Mao directly behind me.  Samuel tells me that the painting is replaced each year with a freshly painted portrait.  I thought that was kind of interesting.


Today, I discovered what Beijing pollution looks like.  For the remainder of the trip the sky was a perpetual foggy gray with no signs of sunshine or clouds.  Be that as it may, the heat was not nearly as hot as in Wuhan, so we just counted our blessings and thanked God for the good weather and no rain.

forbidden city (1)


Phred and I were able to meet up with some great Chinese brothers and sisters today.    Here we are taking a quick break near the palace gardens.

Phred, Fayfay, Samuel, Chrissi, and Lana (from left to right).

beijing day1- (1)

Image4 (6)
Image4 (5)


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