Summer Palace, here we come!

Beijing – Day 3

This afternoon we went to the Summer Palace.  It is like 600 acres or something.  At least that’s what the English speaking tour guide said as he was trying to convince us to buy a tour package service so he could show us all the “highlights”.  We politely refused and opted to just explore on our own instead.

Phred and Samuel have a much better sense of direction than I do, and they kept me from getting lost in the large palace yards, and maze of buildings and gardens.  It was really beautiful.


DSCN1408 DSCN1412
For dinner, we went to a fabulous, authentic Korean Restaurant, and I ordered a cold dish with rice, bitter melon, lettuce and a couple weird vegetables that I don’t know the names of.  It was served with a spicy curry sauce of some kind and very delicious.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the last day of my trip, and the train ride back home to Wuhan.




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