Summer Edition – In America


Well I’ve been in America for about a month now. Things are going really well and I’ve gotten to spend some terrific time catching up with friends and family this summer. I have two more weeks until I go home… home to China.  It feels really odd to consider China my home, when my friends and family are here in the United States, yet the thought of never seeing my Chinese friends again, or having authentic Chinese food scares me.

I’ve been getting really homesick for my own apartment and the routine of teaching classes and such… and hungry for Chinese food.
Yesterday for example I was out at Aldi’s with my dad and I was walking through the produce section in much the same way as I would have walked through the vegetable market in China. I wasn’t pushing a cart because in China you don’t buy more than you can carry home. As I was inspecting the eggplant and cabbage, and this man stopped to talk to me.

He was wearing headphones and carrying his reusable shopping bag and actually smiled a little as he took the headphones out of his ears and asked me what I was looking for.  As we talked I explained that I was trying to come up with something to cook for my parents for dinner. He laughed and asked if I brought a grocery list with me. I didn’t. I explained that I was just back from China and home for the summer, and that I was in a little bit of culture shock. We talked for a little bit exchanging travel stories then bid each other farewell.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it is just hard for me to readjust to being in America with it’s grocery carts packed to overflowing with pop tarts, frozen chicken tenders, and ice cream. In China I usually eat mostly fresh vegetables stir fried lightly in oil and rice.

So with about two weeks left in America I am counting down the days until I go home… home to China.

As always – Love and hugs,




PS.  Here’s what I’ve been up to this summer:


Teacher and Camp Councilor at Horizons — Freed Hardeman University, Henderson, TN


Family Reunion — Buckhannon, WV


Horse Show – Louisville, KY


County Fair — Springfield, OH


And a super special Birthday Present from Mom and Dad — 

Blennerhassett Island State Park Trip, Parkersburg, WV



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  1. April smith says:

    So glad you made it to America for a while but I can’t wait to read about your adventures in China again!

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