Back in the Swing of Things

This week Classes started with a bang.  I have been really nervous and apprehensive about going back to classes, mostly because I am scared to death of public speaking.  I hate being the center of attention.

To get over my nervousness I scripted my first day of class, and what I would say from the moment the bell would ring until the end of class.  Yes folks, this is what you call over preparing for class.  I had a four page script to read.

I was so nervous in fact that I completely forgot that I love teaching.  My 8:00 am class was scared to death of me, and wouldn’t say a word, even when I asked them questions.  By lunchtime I had finally gotten the first-day jitters out and had reduced my notes to an index card.  My last two classes were amazing, and I was so impressed with my students, their behavior and we had a lot of fun.

I’ve been reading a book called “The First Day’s of School”, and it talks about how the teacher sets the mood for the class.  I think this must definitely be true, because when I was nervous and fidgety my students were as well, but when I relaxed and smiled and laughed they did too.

For homework I asked my students to start a Journal.  The first assignment is to make (10) Goals for yourself this semester.  So I am going to keep my journal this semester as well.




10 Goals for this School Year:

  1. Apply to Graduate School (I would love to be able to teach in America when I come home to stay).
  2. Begin working out (I have joined a gym on campus with the help of a Chinese friend).
  3. Eat more healthy Chinese foods (like fruits, vegetables, and rice).
  4. Get enough sleep
  5. Read the Good Book everyday
  6. Pray to the Father everyday
  7. Put my heart in to my teaching so that my students, colleagues and friends can see the joy and peace that I have, and really come to know what a child of Our Father looks like, even though I can not ever mention his name in the classroom.
  8. Be humble and peaceable with all people.
  9. Work hard at whatever my hand finds to do.
  10. Be responsible with my finances.



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