Beauty can be bought…

Yes, I kid you not, this is the title of Chapter 2 in my textbook this semester.  It is literally a chapter in my English textbook that talks about how buying cosmetics and plastic surgery can enhance your happiness in life.  It took me a long time to figure out how to present this lesson in a way that wouldn’t make teenage girls even more unhappy with their self esteem and body image.

To start I showed I had a boy volunteer to participate in a skit.  Little did he know that he would be playing the part of a girl, getting ready for class in the morning.  We started by washing his face, putting on a beautiful scarf, brushing his hair, putting a headband on his head, and then applying blush, eye shadow, and powder.  To complete the picture he got to hold a mirror up and see how he looked.

I showed a video from Dove’s pure beauty campaign and to end class I had the kids write down their idea of what beauty “really is”  then they put their post-it note with qualities of inner beauty on the inside of the girl, making a really cool collage.  I think I’m going to keep the project, it turned out really neat.





DSCN1981 DSCN1982


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